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Bathrooms Direct & Kitchens are a third generation, family run business. Since 1988 we have been supplying bathrooms and kitchens to homes across the U.K., Ireland and even to the U.S.
Our kitchen showroom in Northallerton focus’ on offering a bespoke service to our customers, sourcing different products from a variety of manufacturers depending on exactly what your brief may be.
We listen to your requirements and make suggestions based on what you’ve told us. We can offer products to suit you and your home, your lifestyle, your family – even the area that your home is in and we can often do this with the most minimal of information.
At our bathroom and kitchen showroom in Northallerton we make considerations of the smallest details and discuss these with you to make sure that all options have been fully explored. Your bathroom or kitchen shouldn’t be just beautiful, but functional and practical for the things that every day life throws at us.
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